CARE inc

Neolibric-favoured paid work and the culturally elevated ‘independent’ mean that care is reinvented.  Introducing CARE inc, the new ‘improved’ version of care. This outsourcing of otherwise unpaid and essential care work, is called liberation.  Or perhaps neo-liberalisation.  It is usually women who are being freed from this drudgery, and usually women who have the honour … More CARE inc

Before Consent…

Before Consent…a poem The stork story might be fun – but it disregards the importance of Mum. That women birth seems an aside, The truth of birth we^ like to hide, With a storkish euphemism, No real choice is given, No honour or celebration, Birth is an enduration* And so their power, women relent, And … More Before Consent…

The 27th Portrait

She was the first. She was bold. She was kind. She was there to do the job.   She faced bullies and egos She shone and showed strength She paved the way. She cracked the glass.   She was the last. The last we could respect. The last that focused on The Job The last … More The 27th Portrait

When Science Communication is not science or communication.

There once was a kid who loved Science And grew up to create an appliance* it’s science he said nature is ‘dead’ And to trust nature is medical defiance *This ‘appliance’ could be, for example, the constant monitoring equipment used in labour, very useful when indicated but not always necessary or beneficial.   And it is … More When Science Communication is not science or communication.