When Science Communication is not science or communication.

There once was a kid who loved Science And grew up to create an appliance* it’s science he said nature is ‘dead’ And to trust nature is medical defiance *This ‘appliance’ could be, for example, the constant monitoring equipment used in labour, very useful when indicated but not always necessary or beneficial.   And it is … More When Science Communication is not science or communication.

The Legacy of Eurydice

Originally posted on Beautiful Heart:
There was a young woman name Eurydice, Who, by all accounts, was very nice. Funny and clever, Remembered forever, With the unassuming power of edelweiss. The Legacy of Eurydice is deeper than her death, and yet it is in her death that her voice is loudest.  She is the 30th…

Child of Mines

The following poem is based on this news article about lead levels in Mount Isa children and a community service ‘living with lead’ advert from the lead alliance. It is clear lead is a health risk, especially for small children and babies, and pregnant and breastfeeding women.  Mount Isa mines zinc, lead, copper and silver. It … More Child of Mines

Two Sides

“I can’t understand why you left him” a comment thrown away Perplexed I tried to grasp it, before it ruined my day, Why would you say something so thoughtless and malignant Surely common sense tells you – there is a reason in it. This comment not just rude, it was also factually incorrect It was … More Two Sides


Default as the standard choice It’s what you get if you don’t change the settings? It’s what you get if you want no frills? No enhancement. Basic. Impersonal.   Or is default a failure? Not meeting obligation?   ‘Male’ has long been considered the default human. It is the default in literature. If the gender … More Default

Me me me

“Me me me” my vocals warm up I take to my stage head held high My audience is there to adore me I am all that matters My performance replaces truth Superficial and materialistic Don’t question me Accept what I present Fragile in my spotlight I need you to play along I am the star … More Me me me