Agentic voters

For humanity, is it too late? Is empathy a long lost trait? Everything feels deeply ominous How can voting be autonomous? With so many in an Agentic State.   As fires burn and droughts deprive How much longer can we survive? Is the dystopia already here? With choices based on fear? As our governments contrive. … More Agentic voters

In a Flash

This poem is the sequel to Thunder rumbles This poem will be raw, and it will flow as it does.  I must release what’s inside, before it erupts. I usually write in rhyme, but now there is no reason. — In a flash, the dry forest was engulfed in flame, The fire spread fast, as it … More In a Flash

Thunder rumbles

Thunder rumbles lightening cracks and no rain falls the ground is crisp and each flash brings a desperate pause. fear sits with hope and hope with doubt please let it rain   Another clap A daylight Flash Rain begins to patter A gentle start building up To a roaring clatter. Another rumble now far off … More Thunder rumbles