From one room to another

A poem invoked by the words of Australian politician, Barnaby Joyce, in relation to the Abortion bill for nsw:   “…he was part of this world for some time and was merely passing from one room to another,” Is how politician, Barnaby Joyce , described birth and the role of the mother. More than … More From one room to another

The Profitcy

“…all of this is happening in a larger cultural context of society beginning to believe biological sex is irrelevant…”  There was once a girl with short hair, dressed in blue Who was told her biology is not true Cut off the bits you don’t like Don’t be a dyke, And join the progressive tech-living crew. … More The Profitcy

rock a bye baby – not as sinister as you may think?

Many a Mother has altered the lyrics to Rock-a-bye baby…nice tune but rather uncomfortable storyline. But what if I told you, it may not be as sinister as you may think? If you accept this celebration of birth, then the lullaby is a song about welcoming your baby into your arms.  It is also Celebrating … More rock a bye baby – not as sinister as you may think?