What would you do?

Have you thought of your demise and the remains you leave behind? What will happen to your bits, will there be a bind? Will you be pull apart and your bits shared around? Will bits be stored for science, or buried in the ground? Will you be cremated, and scattered or interred?  Have you written … More What would you do?

Two roads. Robert Frost and The Birth Map.

Freewill or determinism? Regret or celebration? When faced with two options, the sliding doors if you like, we may wonder ‘what if’…what if I had chosen the other path? We’d have met different people. Had different experiences.  Found out different things. We would be a different person, potentially. Birthing without a Birth Map is like … More Two roads. Robert Frost and The Birth Map.

Human 2.0 (The dawning of Homo mutante)

Humans, currently homo sapiens, author of their evolution. No longer at the mercy of ‘survival’ The definition of ‘fittest’ is revised. Cultural evolution driven by technology. We don’t adapt to fit nature. We adapt nature to fit us. Long have we domesticated and altered other species, through selective breeding. Long have we used other species … More Human 2.0 (The dawning of Homo mutante)

Be inspired!

Books for rebel girls, girls can rule the world Be extraordinary.  Be qualified. Be more than. Be bold. Be tough. Make noise!   Aiming for equality but is it the right direction?   Why not an ordinary life, lived well with love and care?   The values I hear are Me me me The time is … More Be inspired!