When Science Communication is not science or communication.

There once was a kid who loved Science And grew up to create an appliance* it’s science he said nature is ‘dead’ And to trust nature is medical defiance *This ‘appliance’ could be, for example, the constant monitoring equipment used in labour, very useful when indicated but not always necessary or beneficial.   And it is … More When Science Communication is not science or communication.

Designed to Birth?

So often, in birthy posts, you read we were ‘designed’ This language is meant to ease our fears To which we seem resigned.   ‘Designed to birth’ declare naturalists, almost thoughtlessly, Many do science-based research So this perplexes me.   We are not ‘Designed’ to give  Birth, Not Designed at all. We have in fact … More Designed to Birth?

Two Sides

“I can’t understand why you left him” a comment thrown away Perplexed I tried to grasp it, before it ruined my day, Why would you say something so thoughtless and malignant Surely common sense tells you – there is a reason in it. This comment not just rude, it was also factually incorrect It was … More Two Sides


Default as the standard choice It’s what you get if you don’t change the settings? It’s what you get if you want no frills? No enhancement. Basic. Impersonal.   Or is default a failure? Not meeting obligation?   ‘Male’ has long been considered the default human. It is the default in literature. If the gender … More Default

Polite Ticks

Gender stereotypes are superficial and inaccurate. We are better served by abolishing this destructive social construct and seeing individuals rather than imposing gender stereotypes. We need to start saying ‘SEX’ and acknowledging the different biological needs and impacts of males and females. … More Polite Ticks