Is snow clearing sexist?

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Default as the standard choice It’s what you get if you don’t change the settings? It’s what you get if you want no frills? No enhancement. Basic. Impersonal. ? Or is default a failure? Not meeting obligation? ? ‘Male’ has long been considered the default human. It is the default…

All in Good Time

To induce or not to induce – is impatience the question? I have heard some extraordinary reasons to justify induction, but this one takes the cake: “we can’t be sure of the conception date, so it would be dangerous to go past your due date” err…then how do you know the ‘due date’? and why … More All in Good Time

You are the Voice

  If you knew your government could save in the order of $200M by spending no more than $5M, would you expect them to do it? If you knew that spending that $5M, could save a further $538M at the same time as improving the health and wellbeing of families across the country, would you … More You are the Voice

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I wrote a book

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