Playing Dog

The wolf, once proud and wild, was captured and tamed, And with selective breeding, was soon changed, Playing Dog, the humans discovered a new ability, And selected carefully for size, shape and agility, Humans altered wolves to suit their hunting needs, Then they started creating all sorts of ‘useless’ breeds, Twas the Victorians, in  rather recent … More Playing Dog

The voluntary human extinction movement

A poem of vehmnent bemusement inspired by this article   “Stop having kids” say VHEMT, With obvious narcissistic intent, “Enjoy your long life full of pleasures Using up all Earth’s natural treasures, No need to change your unethical ways Or your environmentally destructive sways Live big, free of burden and responsibility Who cares about generational … More The voluntary human extinction movement

Human 2.0 (The dawning of Homo mutante)

Humans, currently homo sapiens, author of their evolution. No longer at the mercy of ‘survival’ The definition of ‘fittest’ is revised. Cultural evolution driven by technology. We don’t adapt to fit nature. We adapt nature to fit us. Long have we domesticated and altered other species, through selective breeding. Long have we used other species … More Human 2.0 (The dawning of Homo mutante)