Twas a reprieve A time to rest A time to rebelieve That time is gone Is blown away How can we, this time retrieve? I see the children Laugh and play I see the hope within I see that though things will change The future is not grim.

Rain Dance

  This wonderful story was written by Cathy Apple Gate and beautifully illustrated by Dee Huxley.  I chose to read this book as part of my StoryTime playlist on my YouTube channel. You can find out more about this book from the author website (click here).    

Thunder rumbles

Thunder rumbles lightening cracks and no rain falls the ground is crisp and each flash brings a desperate pause. fear sits with hope and hope with doubt please let it rain   Another clap A daylight Flash Rain begins to patter A gentle start building up To a roaring clatter. Another rumble now far off … More Thunder rumbles