The Care Factor

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,”  poet and writer Maya Angelou What is Care? Is Care… love? or is care providing basic needs? Is Care a service? Can you put a price on care? Can care … More The Care Factor

The Legacy of Eurydice

Originally posted on Beautiful Heart:
There was a young woman name Eurydice, Who, by all accounts, was very nice. Funny and clever, Remembered forever, With the unassuming power of edelweiss. The Legacy of Eurydice is deeper than her death, and yet it is in her death that her voice is loudest.  She is the 30th…

What upskirting revealed

A tory conservative said “no” Because “bureaucracy”,  you know He agrees upskirting is wrong But still gave it the gong Revealing himself as a twit Lacking a certain grit. But what upsets me more Is that it needs to be law That our rape culture ways Allows such forays          

Curse of The Third

You’re a seasoned Mother You’ve birthed before You did it well  You know the score You know your body Your know your mind But third time ’round Here’s what you’ll find: You’ll be told it was just luck And to forget all you’ve inferred For anything can happen now, This is The Curse of The … More Curse of The Third

Be inspired!

Books for rebel girls, girls can rule the world Be extraordinary.  Be qualified. Be more than. Be bold. Be tough. Make noise!   Aiming for equality but is it the right direction?   Why not an ordinary life, lived well with love and care?   The values I hear are Me me me The time is … More Be inspired!

Book review: peace, love and khaki socks by Kim Lock

As you escape into Peace, Love and Khaki Socks be prepared: dress comfortably – and for the tropics. No matter where you are. The very talented Kim Lock, in her debut novel, will leave you mopping your brow as you swelter in the Darwin heat. Kim Lock writes beautifully. Each paragraph will transport you, you will feel every … More Book review: peace, love and khaki socks by Kim Lock