Do Not Disturb

A fearless mother, confident mother, will slip into The Zone. She will feel safe and supported – just leave her alone. Silently offer water, silently hold her hand. I know you are excited – but call off the marching band. A mother in Her Zone needs nothing more or less. She needs no questions, cheering … More Do Not Disturb

Doulas and Sherpas: Keys to Success!

Preparing for Birth is like preparing to climb Mount Everest, but with much more chance of success and a lot more warmth! When climbing Everest, a Sherpa is an essential part of your team. They know the landscape, the climate and remain calm and alert. In Birth, a doula is like a sherpa. The doula is familiar with the location, the people and the physiology, remaining calm and alert, guiding and supporting you. … More Doulas and Sherpas: Keys to Success!