Diplomacy, politeness and the underlying threat

The Poem ‘want a positive birth? say please‘ was inspired by the frequent advice related to how to write a birth plan, that suggests you be polite, positive.  And not adversarial. The scene is set: clearly birthing is Us vs Them.  And there is no shortage of horror stories. The purpose of the birth plan, … More Diplomacy, politeness and the underlying threat

You are the Voice

  If you knew your government could save in the order of $200M by spending no more than $5M, would you expect them to do it? If you knew that spending that $5M, could save a further $538M at the same time as improving the health and wellbeing of families across the country, would you … More You are the Voice

The Care Factor

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,”  poet and writer Maya Angelou What is Care? Is Care… love? or is care providing basic needs? Is Care a service? Can you put a price on care? Can care … More The Care Factor

I wrote a book

I wrote a book, Take a look, It may just change your life! I wrote a book Take a look Do it for your wife! I wrote a book Take a look And tell your friends when up the duff I wrote a book Take a look It’s about birthing stuff!    

Mothers Matter!

Why do I keep harping on about Informed Birth Preparation? Because I am on a Mission : To provide all women with the means to make  informed decisions regarding their pregnancy care, labour, birth and parenting. This matters because the current maternity system does not encourage women to own, trust or actively participate in their birthing. (see also The trouble with consent … More Mothers Matter!