Thunder rumbles

Thunder rumbles lightening cracks and no rain falls the ground is crisp and each flash brings a desperate pause. fear sits with hope and hope with doubt please let it rain   Another clap A daylight Flash Rain begins to patter A gentle start building up To a roaring clatter. Another rumble now far off … More Thunder rumbles

Sitting at gate 34

Sitting at gate 34 Going where i’ve not been before People waiting reading Watching, eating, sleeping…   Sitting at gate 34 I am hungry …should have eating before. Is there time Probably.   Sitting at gate 34 Feeling a little unsure An Adventure awaits I anticipates…        

Summer Hope

Rain! Oh blissful rain! Beating on the tin. Pattering on the ground. Lasting just seconds. Thunder rumbles a promise Or a threat. The dog barks. With bated breath I wait For rain.