We Gazed in Wonder

Australia is a democracy. There are two ‘houses’. The Senate and the House of Representatives. But who, or what, do they really represent?

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Not a safe word

Originally posted on language: a feminist guide:
Last weekend a writer named Will Saletan stirred up a hornet’s nest when he tweeted some advice for parents: Teach your daughters to say No firmly, and mean it. Men sense women’s willingness to yield. Make clear you mean business. Like other feminists, I saw this as a…


Labels to compliment Labels to divide Labels to judge And compartmentalise Labels to identify And labels to employ In the end what we have… Is labels that annoy.   Yesterday I was called an “earth mother”…a compliment?  A judgement? A way to compartmentalise me? What does it mean anyway?  I can’t claim an identity I … More Labels

Hot Girls Wanted: The Feminist Experiment of Empowerment through Porn Has Failed

Originally posted on ANTHRO FEMINISM :
In the late 1970s and very early 1980s feminism came very close to mainstreaming the idea that porn as an industry is harmful to women. Being anti-porn was a view not maligned in feminist circles, and porn was recognized for the scourge it is: violence against women. Then the 1980s…