seen. not heard.

seen. not heard. obedient. unquestioning. confined. bound. safe? seen. not heard. controlled. authorised. approved. convinced. brainwashed? seen. not heard. afraid. unsure. reliant. compliant. seen. herd.   seen. heard. respected encouraged supported capable compassionate? seen. heard. innovative creative supportive confident critical. seen. heard. brave certain sane humane seen not herd.  

Shhh…we can’t mention that. The Taboos of Motherhood

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Not to confuse the usual judgement (damned if you do, damned if you don’t on all mothering styles), taboo things usually seem to be announcing pregnancy too soon, infertility, miscarriage, still birth and serious childhood illness or death of a child, Post Natal Depression, birth trauma, relationship breakdown – the…

Feb Newsletter

My Latest Newsletter is out: read it in full. SUMMARY OF CONTENTS: New Blog Post Why can’t we just be ‘brutally honest’? Hot Topics Feminism – Language  One of my favourite blogs is ‘Language: A Feminist Guide’.  A post on the blog I found particularly interesting is titled:     ‘Radical Notions’ Part history lesson, part … More Feb Newsletter

A tale of two births. — Rysie’s Ramblings

Today, I’m soap-boxing about midwifery topics, and I’d love for you guys to consider these two images. Two healthy mamas, each with two healthy babies. No big deal really, except that in both of these cases, one of the babies belonging to each mother was a complete surprise at birth – an unexpected twin. One […] … More A tale of two births. — Rysie’s Ramblings

You are the Voice

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? If you knew your government could save in the order of $200M by spending no more than $5M, would you expect them to do it? If you knew that spending that $5M, could save a further $538M at the same time as improving the health and wellbeing of families…

Swimming in grief

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A wave of grief washed over me, Pulling me down. I could not breathe. I flipped between trying to breathe, desperately And wanting to peacefully slip away, I was trapped between not living and unable to die Not wanting either. Desperately wanting both. Spinning in the grief zone, Consumed and…