Medically Extreme Birthing: born of fear or fantasy?

The spectrum of birth possibilities in the western world spans from unassisted birth to elective caesarean and even surrogacy.  For some people, the choice is made for them, for reasons beyond their control.  For others the choice is absolute.  When the absolute choice is at one of the extremes, it can be very difficult to … More Medically Extreme Birthing: born of fear or fantasy?

Fear for sale!

Fear: Forget Evidence And Rights.

When fear rules, we lose autonomy.
When fear controls our decisions, we forget evidence.

Understanding and compassion drive fear out. … More Fear for sale!

The Informed Decision

                          An informed decision is more than just information gathering. An informed decision = new information + old information + current circumstances. NEW INFORMATION Ideally this comes from unbiased evidence-based sources.  The information needs to be relevant to the individual and interpreted into understanding.  … More The Informed Decision