From one room to another

A poem invoked by the words of Australian politician, Barnaby Joyce, in relation to the Abortion bill for nsw:   “…he was part of this world for some time and was merely passing from one room to another,” Is how politician, Barnaby Joyce , described birth and the role of the mother. More than … More From one room to another

The Profitcy

“…all of this is happening in a larger cultural context of society beginning to believe biological sex is irrelevant…”  There was once a girl with short hair, dressed in blue Who was told her biology is not true Cut off the bits you don’t like Don’t be a dyke, And join the progressive tech-living crew. … More The Profitcy

CARE inc

Neolibric-favoured paid work and the culturally elevated ‘independent’ mean that care is reinvented.  Introducing CARE inc, the new ‘improved’ version of care. This outsourcing of otherwise unpaid and essential care work, is called liberation.  Or perhaps neo-liberalisation.  It is usually women who are being freed from this drudgery, and usually women who have the honour … More CARE inc