Twas a reprieve A time to rest A time to rebelieve That time is gone Is blown away How can we, this time retrieve? I see the children Laugh and play I see the hope within I see that though things will change The future is not grim.

view from my bubble

It all seems from my bubble, That the world is in a muddle. I recently joined twitter, so I could dance among the birds Sharing important thoughts, through links and limited words, I know I’m in a bubble, which is vulnerable and strong There are many looking in, who think my thinks are wrong, Looking … More view from my bubble

Agentic voters

For humanity, is it too late? Is empathy a long lost trait? Everything feels deeply ominous How can voting be autonomous? With so many in an Agentic State.   As fires burn and droughts deprive How much longer can we survive? Is the dystopia already here? With choices based on fear? As our governments contrive. … More Agentic voters