Me me me

“Me me me” my vocals warm up I take to my stage head held high My audience is there to adore me I am all that matters My performance replaces truth Superficial and materialistic Don’t question me Accept what I present Fragile in my spotlight I need you to play along I am the star … More Me me me

blissfully ignorant

Blissfully ignorant, responsibility free No need for action, to notice, or see Walk on, spend big, indulge – you deserve it! Take it all now – no need to reserve it! If you feel aware – you  can cognitively desist! If you start thinking thoughts – you must resist! Need medical help or maternity care? … More blissfully ignorant

Polite Ticks

Gender stereotypes are superficial and inaccurate. We are better served by abolishing this destructive social construct and seeing individuals rather than imposing gender stereotypes. We need to start saying ‘SEX’ and acknowledging the different biological needs and impacts of males and females. … More Polite Ticks

Who’s chores?

I heard an unwell woman say “I’m grateful to [my male spouse] He does all my chores; He cooks and cleans the house!” Have a golden sticker, you are an awesome chap Doing all her chores for her; Lets us stand to clap. What a modern guy you are, if in sickness only To take … More Who’s chores?