Default as the standard choice It’s what you get if you don’t change the settings? It’s what you get if you want no frills? No enhancement. Basic. Impersonal.   Or is default a failure? Not meeting obligation?   ‘Male’ has long been considered the default human. It is the default in literature. I’d the gender … More Default

Me me me

“Me me me” my vocals warm up I take to my stage head held high My audience is there to adore me I am all that matters My performance replaces truth Superficial and materialistic Don’t question me Accept what I present Fragile in my spotlight I need you to play along I am the star … More Me me me

blissfully ignorant

Blissfully ignorant, responsibility free No need for action, to notice, or see Walk on, spend big, indulge – you deserve it! Take it all now – no need to reserve it! If you feel aware – you  can cognitively desist! If you start thinking thoughts – you must resist! Need medical help or maternity care? … More blissfully ignorant


One hundred acre wood, for adventure and joy One hundred year war, to destroy One hundred…and one…Dalmatians, saved from becoming a jacket One Hundred following my beautiful racket! I hope you’re enjoying my rhymes and rambles, And my reflections on the maternity shambles.     Thank you for visiting and for liking Thank You, Thank … More 100