midwinter haiku

Midwinter closes in The longest night upon us Soon the light returns   Midwinter closes inThe longest night upon usSoon the light returns#haiku #solistice #poet #gatherroundafire #crispcleardaylongcoldnight pic.twitter.com/EC6dvy8N6m — TheBirthCartographer (@cath_bellabirth) June 19, 2017

Swimming in grief

A wave of grief washed over me, Pulling me down. I could not breath. I flipped between trying to breath, desperately And wanting to peacefully slip away, I was trapped between not living and unable to die Not wanting either. Desperately wanting both. Spinning in the grief zone, Consumed and overwhelmed, Clawing my way back, … More Swimming in grief

All for nought

The more I learn, the more I weep. That human life can be so cheap. That those whose job is to protect, Decide that some are not worth respect. That certain people should have no rights, And are disregarded with their plights, And commodified, Or tossed aside.   And those approved people -well they sleep … More All for nought

The long shadow

The dawn breaks. Shadows stretch, yawningly, across the dew sweet earth. The sun searches, ¬†seeking out the changes since yesterday. Casting light on all that is new. By midday all is revealled. Or so it seems. But as the sun slips away, new shadows form. Ever growing. Unreachable places enveloped in shadow. Safe places. Quiet … More The long shadow

I have my thinks

I have my thinks There for I am But does that make me right? My thinks are mine, and shape my world, but I have a plight. I want to own my thinks you see, and¬†conclusions seem so final, but these thoughts are spinning ’round, Is a woman not ‘vaginal’?