I have my thinks

I have my thinks There for I am But does that make me right? My thinks are mine, and shape my world, but I have a plight. I want to own my thinks you see, and conclusions seem so final, but these thoughts are spinning ’round, Is a woman not ‘vaginal’?

The Dawn of Possibility

Dawn approaches, The darkness slips away. Only the boldest stars remain. The silhouetted trees become ever more detailed. Each minute brings more clarity. In this place between night and day, In this brief and beautiful moment, Anything is possible. catherine bell 2016

I remember

I remember you and sigh. I wish I could tell you my news. I remember you and cry, My heart being squeezed tight. I remember you and I smile, That I knew you for so long. I remember you and I sing, A lament that bring me comfort, I remember you. And as long as … More I remember