After the rain

After the fire, though they did not burn, the trees turned brown. Unable to breath, as the thick smoke held them for weeks. They retreated into themselves waiting out the difficult time holding on to a glimmer of hope, Whilst despair overcame. After the rain, in cautious delight, the trees started to green, Revived, reinvigorated, … More After the rain

seen. not heard.

seen. not heard. obedient. unquestioning. confined. bound. safe? seen. not heard. controlled. authorised. approved. convinced. brainwashed? seen. not heard. afraid. unsure. reliant. compliant. seen. herd.   seen. heard. respected encouraged supported capable compassionate? seen. heard. innovative creative supportive confident critical. seen. heard. brave certain sane humane seen not herd.  

Twas a reprieve A time to rest A time to rebelieve That time is gone Is blown away How can we, this time retrieve? I see the children Laugh and play I see the hope within I see that though things will change The future is not grim.

view from my bubble

It all seems from my bubble, That the world is in a muddle. I recently joined twitter, so I could dance among the birds Sharing important thoughts, through links and limited words, I know I’m in a bubble, which is vulnerable and strong There are many looking in, who think my thinks are wrong, Looking … More view from my bubble

Rain Dance

  This wonderful story was written by Cathy Apple Gate and beautifully illustrated by Dee Huxley.  I chose to read this book as part of my StoryTime playlist on my YouTube channel. You can find out more about this book from the author website (click here).    

Agentic voters

For humanity, is it too late? Is empathy a long lost trait? Everything feels deeply ominous How can voting be autonomous? With so many in an Agentic State.   As fires burn and droughts deprive How much longer can we survive? Is the dystopia already here? With choices based on fear? As our governments contrive. … More Agentic voters

In a Flash

This poem is the sequel to Thunder rumbles This poem will be raw, and it will flow as it does.  I must release what’s inside, before it erupts. I usually write in rhyme, but now there is no reason. — In a flash, the dry forest was engulfed in flame, The fire spread fast, as it … More In a Flash