Music to Live By

Let’s Dance!  But to what shall we dance? My children LOOOVE to dance, but it is nigh on IMPOSSIBLE to find current or recent music that does not make me twitch.  The music might be great, but the lyrics!!! They attend a dance school, and are exposed to many current hits.  They enthusiastically jive away, for … More Music to Live By

My baby is tired, but it is not sleep time. Should I give her coffee?

My baby is tired but it’s not sleeptime Should I give her coffee? My toddler won’t eat his greens He only wants some toffee My child wants to smoke cigarettes Is it ok if they’re mild? The kids want to play with guns They’re just being wild! My tween would like to make a toast … More My baby is tired, but it is not sleep time. Should I give her coffee?

‘Tis the Season…

My ‘Bah Humbug!’ post (from Nov 24) reflects my feelings towards the very commercial christmas. For this reason, Santa does not feature in our parenting.  Our children are aware of the ‘game’.  They know the appearance of ‘santas’ means that Christmas is coming and that means a pretty fun and special time. They watch ‘The Polar Express’, and are familiar … More ‘Tis the Season…

Bah humbug!

They have a tea set, with mini pots and pans, spatulas…but it is the real ones they want. They have a toy tool set (a nice wooden one)…but nothing beats the real thing. They have a doll house..whatever! Stuffed toys…what are you supposed to do with these? I bought my daughter a baby doll when … More Bah humbug!