The Parently Art of Lactation

Originally posted on Full Cream:
When my fourth baby was born, a friend gifted me a vintage 2nd edition copy of ‘The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding’. First published by La Leche International in 1963, this book was revolutionary. At a time when breastfeeding was widely considered old-fashioned and distasteful in Western cultures, and mothers were…

Once a Jolly woman

(to the tune of Waltzing Matilda) Once a jolly woman sang aloud her own song, After eating from the knowledge tree, And she sang as she mused and waited ’til her baby birthed, My body, my baby, my choices are free Informed and Supported, informed and Supported My body, my baby, my choices are free … More Once a Jolly woman

The Birth Cartographer’s Guide to The Internet

The internet is Big.  Mind blowingly Big. You won’t believe just how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. Yes, I am a Douglas Adam’s Fan It has been over a year since I left Facebook.  Some said it would be the death of my business.  That I would become isolated.  That I would become obsolete.  Many … More The Birth Cartographer’s Guide to The Internet

I am there

  Like a breeze through a willow by a sleepy brook I will gently caress you Like the soft sun in Spring I’ll bathe you in love and warmth Like the moon when it’s full I’ll light your way   I will never leave you I will always be there I’m the breeze across your … More I am there


  New mother finding her new self Alone Isolated Adrift Advice blows her in different directions Conflict Stormy Dangerous Precarious and vulnerable,  under pressure Prescribed Judged Unhelpful New mother finding her new self Honoured Supported Informed Trusts her instinct and embraces the change Calm Gentle Observant Vulnerable,  but powerful, self determining Confident Assertive Aware   … More Adrift

Mothers Matter!

Why do I keep harping on about Informed Birth Preparation? Because I am on a Mission : To provide all women with the means to make  informed decisions regarding their pregnancy care, labour, birth and parenting. This matters because the current maternity system does not encourage women to own, trust or actively participate in their birthing. (see also The trouble with consent … More Mothers Matter!