Tuning In

The fuzzy sounds in my head Tell me how you should be fed but the rules contradict the voice inside and so I felt I had to hide The signposts declared One Way Seems I didn’t get a say A stupid female – what would I know Here is your line to tow. But that fuzzy … More Tuning In

The F-Word

Originally posted on Beautiful Heart:
   This was originally published here on Jan 23 2013.  I am republishing it here, along with the below you tube clip of Emma Watson’s speech to the UN. Does anyone really understand feminism anymore? Who are the feminists? The ‘breastfeeding in public’ (mass)debate includes comments from women claiming to be feminists…

The Long Goodbye

In the daily grind of mothering, we are told ‘this too shall pass’ When the days are long, we are told this too shall pass… In the drudgery and groundhogness of mothering, this too shall pass. Often though we are not told, That as this passes by, it means our babies have grown. and from the nest … More The Long Goodbye