Maternal Feminism in the Brave New World

Vanessa Olorenshaw’s Liberating Motherhood was published last year, launching the ‘purple stocking movement’. The book raises the issue of the absence of mothers in feminism and politics.  It is not enough to simply have women in leadership.  Not all women are mothers and not all mothers mother the same.  Society encourages us to return to paid … More Maternal Feminism in the Brave New World

Swimming in grief

A wave of grief washed over me, Pulling me down. I could not breath. I flipped between trying to breath, desperately And wanting to peacefully slip away, I was trapped between not living and unable to die Not wanting either. Desperately wanting both. Spinning in the grief zone, Consumed and overwhelmed, Clawing my way back, … More Swimming in grief

Tuning In

The fuzzy sounds in my head Tell me how you should be fed but the rules contradict the voice inside and so I felt I had to hide The signposts declared One Way Seems I didn’t get a say A stupid female – what would I know Here is your line to tow. But that fuzzy … More Tuning In