What do you Need?

Frozen II is a tale of Power, of Leadership and of Change. There are many layers to Frozen II.  Elsa’s journey of self discovery weaves through a tale of transformation for each of the main characters.  The story throws the spotlight on the destructiveness of the patriarchy, showing us the differences between Authoritative Dictatorship (familiar to … More What do you Need?

The Profitcy

“…all of this is happening in a larger cultural context of society beginning to believe biological sex is irrelevant…”  There was once a girl with short hair, dressed in blue Who was told her biology is not true Cut off the bits you don’t like Don’t be a dyke, And join the progressive tech-living crew. … More The Profitcy

Identity Crisis

A WORD ON IDENTITY AND LABELS …poetry follows This recent news article is an interview with comedian and writer, Ben Elton, about his new book Identity Crisis (which I have not read). Of particular interest to me was this quote: “And yet actually the communities people seem to really care about is not the national community … More Identity Crisis

Beyond the pronoun

Is our education system failing, that so many about pronouns are wailing? Focused on just one speech part is word crafting a lost art? There are so many ways to express And describe ourselves with more finesse Embrace the entire language tools at your disposal This is my humble, earnest proposal.

What would you do if your child told you had given them the wrong name?

Originally posted on Beautiful Heart:
I was inspired by this article on naming your child. The author of the inspiring article suggested these eight considerations when naming your child (see the article for the detail). 1. Imagine them as Prime Minister. 2. Visualise their job application. 3. Yell it loud and bogan. 4. Pretend they…