What would you do?

Have you thought of your demise and the remains you leave behind? What will happen to your bits, will there be a bind? Will you be pull apart and your bits shared around? Will bits be stored for science, or buried in the ground? Will you be cremated, and scattered or interred?  Have you written … More What would you do?

Maternal Feminism in the Brave New World

Vanessa Olorenshaw’s Liberating Motherhood was published last year, launching the ‘purple stocking movement’. The book raises the issue of the absence of mothers in feminism and politics.  It is not enough to simply have women in leadership.  Not all women are mothers and not all mothers mother the same.  Society encourages us to return to paid … More Maternal Feminism in the Brave New World

Fertility Flowers

The lotus flower for fertility A symbol of Hindu purity The pomegranate with seeds of red Is the Feng Shui symbol, I’ve read The celtic druids chose mistletoe and the fertile luck it could bestow The hazelnut held similar hopes And those celts were no dopes, for science shows that humble nut may boost your … More Fertility Flowers