Poetic Politics

What a year it has been, ‘best PM’ we’ve eva seen, Women valued in varied roles over things like mining coals, And inspiring words from Joe, would have been nice to know, But alas, poor Aussies, that is not our lot, For women have been left to rot, and mines and Big Business will fly, … More Poetic Politics

The F-Word

Originally posted on Beautiful Heart:
   This was originally published here on Jan 23 2013.  I am republishing it here, along with the below you tube clip of Emma Watson’s speech to the UN. Does anyone really understand feminism anymore? Who are the feminists? The ‘breastfeeding in public’ (mass)debate includes comments from women claiming to be feminists…

The Roaring Fire

The general condition of the Mother-to-be, Is to do as she’s told by the birth constabulary, Indoctrinated into the medical birth model, Where the doctors mollycoddle, No options given or alluded to, the process is accepted And when she is ‘saved’, she feels indebted. But a little conversation can spark something innate, and a roar begins…and that … More The Roaring Fire