The Roaring Fire

The general condition of the Mother-to-be, Is to do as she’s told by the birth constabulary, Indoctrinated into the medical birth model, Where the doctors mollycoddle, No options given or alluded to, the process is accepted And when she is ‘saved’, she¬†feels indebted. But a little conversation can spark something¬†innate, and a roar begins…and that … More The Roaring Fire

Fertility Flowers

The lotus flower for fertility A symbol of Hindu purity The pomegranate with seeds of red Is the Feng Shui symbol, I’ve read The celtic druids chose mistletoe and the fertile luck it could bestow The hazelnut held similar hopes And those celts were no dopes, for science shows that humble nut may boost your … More Fertility Flowers

Do Not Disturb

A fearless mother, confident mother, will slip into The Zone. She will feel safe and supported – just leave her alone. Silently offer water, silently hold her hand. I know you are excited – but call off the marching band. A mother in Her Zone needs nothing more or less. She needs no questions, cheering … More Do Not Disturb