Catherine Bell – Birth Cartographer

I am Catherine, you can read my story here.

Below is the intro to my first webinar.  The full (40 minutes) can be watched, along with others, by registering for the FREE Member Area on


Do you want to be fully informed about your birth options?

Are you finding it difficult to navigate your choices and work out what is best for you?

Do you feel like there is something you should know but can’t quite put your finger on?

Do you know what you want, but finding your partner or support struggling to agree?



Informed Birth Planning assumes nothing and prepares for anything.  Your unique needs and desires are considered, ensuring they are understood and respected.  
It is a process of careful and well researched birth 


It is the process of making informed decisions.

Birth is only the beginning, so this website also helps you prepare for life beyond birth.
The way we birth stays with us for the rest of our lives.


THE BIRTH MAP: boldly going where no birth plan has gone before

(Pre-orders are open for the second edition, pre order before August 19 to get the special price)

birth map explained

There is no One Way – but there is Your Way.


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3 thoughts on “Catherine Bell – Birth Cartographer

  1. On May 19th 2018, from 8-9pm (Sydney Time) I am going to be live streaming ‘Birth Cartography 101’ on my website:

    Please come along. I even got a haircut from a bona fide and awesome hairdresser!
    If you can’t come to the live event, register for my free Member Area to view it after the event. There is also loads of awesome in the Member Area, plus you’ll get an email from me each month full of even more awesome!

    Do you like awesome?
    I like awesome.
    The world needs more awesome.


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