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These are wordpress-based resources for pregnancy, birth and parenting.


The entire Midwife Thinking Blog, authored by Australian Dr Rachael Reed, is worth your attention.  Some of my favourite posts are:

Nuchal Cords: The Perfect Scapegoat

I hear so many stories referring to some birth drama because of a ‘cord around the neck’.  This post debunks the myths and explains the reality.  Rachael Reed has written many posts about the cord, and cord blood.  They are information rich and very accessible.

Information Giving and the Law

I keep coming back to this post, as it is so informative.  As a Mother, I was frustrated about the need-to-know and on-the-spot approach to maternity care. Despite ‘informed’ consent being the legal requirement, rarely were women actually consenting in full knowledge of the options, and risks and benefits of each. They are simply instructed that consent is required.  The trouble with consent is the coercive undercurrent.
I felt that birth needed a similar option to the Advanced Care Directive (a legal document containing informed decisions for various end of life scenarios)…one was not available, so I wrote it. The Birth Map. Making advanced decisions for contingency scenarios means that women are making truly informed DECISIONS, and care providers are able to fulfill the legal requirements. It also means that ‘consent’ is not the default.

When Hannah Dahlen and Bashi Hazard wrote Don’t Throw out the Baby with the Bathwater, I cheered! There is legal power in a well written ‘birth plan’. A well written birth plan (such as a Birth Map) is not about ‘wishes’ or ‘preferences’. It contains Informed Decisions, for several pathways. And just as the advance care directive contains many more decisions than will ever be used, so does the Birth Map.



On Sara Wickham’s site there are over 500 pages to explore.  She offers online courses, has written many books and travels the globe to speak at events.


DELAYED CORD CLAMPING is a brilliant archive of information about cord related issues, including cord blood collection (see also midwife thinking on the topic of cord blood collection).

The Delayed Cord Clamping blog is an evidence-based easy to read summary of the science around the umbilical cord.


TALES FROM THE MOTHER SIDE is a lively blog, with a great list of resources.   Hosted by two awesome UK based Mothers, who are instinctual, funny and informed.


SARAH OCKWELL-SMITH  is a UK based author and parenting expert.  Her focus is on gentle parenting.



Women’s Health Today on induction

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