How to Build a Bridge and Get Over It!

Updated Post follows.

How to Build a Bridge and Get Over It!

If you have the tools you need,
And the materials at hand,
You can built a bridge,
It does not need to be grand.

With a little knowledge
You can forge ahead
And a Journey once daunting,
Will be positive instead.

Beautiful Heart

updated March 13 2019


The Bellabirth philosophy is firmly entrenched in the KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Sister. But the reality is, to get to a simplified state of mind, one must first wade through a myriad of chaos.

Birth and breastfeeding are biological processes (e.g. physical, hormonal)…left well enough alone, with confidence and support, a woman should be able to birth and breastfeed. It is very rare, biologically speaking, for birth or breastfeeding not to work out (big head…big brain…what is the big idea?).

Birth and breastfeeding, for humans, is also an emotional process.  Humans are highly cognitive, and our ability to think (and over-think) is an important part of our ability to birth.

Despite all the attempts to blame women or evolution for the ‘problem of childbirth‘, the problems related to pregnancy, birth and parenting arise when cultural processes interfere with (and complicate)…

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