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Feminism – Language 

One of my favourite blogs is ‘Language: A Feminist Guide’.  A post on the blog I found particularly interesting is titled:
    ‘Radical Notions’
Part history lesson, part biography, this post explores ‘linguistic sexism’.
Gender-neutral language in maternity settings…is it possible?
This post explores the importance of the word 

​and asks if changing the language is possible, or even necessary.


​This articleprompted by a ‘mum shaming’ incident online, ​asks the question: 
So just how long ‘should’ ​​you breastfeed for?  
This is a question that is addressed in The Book and in this bellablog guest post, so it caught my eye and was (surprisingly) positive.  
This post about ‘chestfeeding’ from July last year, crossed my path again.  I commented on the article back in July, and want to share it again, as this is a very important element of The Birth Map.  


Reducing waste:
“Just remember you buy your rubbish”,
and when it comes to menstruation – there are environmentally friendly options. 

Feminism – Birth Choices

Breech birth: a lost ‘art’?
“It is about a woman’s choice, isn’t it really?” [Dr Saul Cohen] said. 
​A Tale of two births – highlights an unacceptable imbalance between independent midwifery and obstetric.  This post describes two births: both of twins where a singleton was expected. 

up the creek without a paddle

This recent news article about the rise of freebirthing highlights the lack of support and options for women, particularly in rural and isolated communities.  
Unpredictable does not mean ‘unpreparable’. 
The birth map prepares you for various possibilities.  Understanding replaces fear, rather than handing over your power to an unknown entity, you take responsibility.  You get to know the landscape.  You know the detours.  You recognise the hazards.  You take steps to prepare for them.
Climbing Mt Everest is ‘unpredictable’.  But that doesn’t stop people from doing it.  They arrange a support team (including a sherpa: read The Doula and The Sherpa)

Hannah Dahlen was recently in New Zealand for a Conference, and whilst there was interviewed.  Read the interview here.  It looks at the key points in recent history where the opportunity to support women’s rights in birth was bypassed.  When Hannah posted this to her twitter she had this to say:
“We have to get back to the days of chaining ourselves to parliament. It’s not working that we do it all nice and diplomatically”
The diplomatic options for those who want to
           change Maternity Care

                  but are not sure where to start:

The more united the noise we make, the closer we get to a chorus.  A loud, bold, beautiful unity of voices, rather than a cacophony of disjointed words easy to ignore.  When writing to parliamentarians, it is important to state the problem AND OFFER A SOLUTION.

Nominations are now open 
Doula Representative
              of The Year

(perhaps you can think of someone very awesome to nominate, who would use the opportunity to lobby, advocate and promote the rights for women to have the support needed to make informed decisions…
for example through a ‘pregnancy package’ which includes a voucher for an invaluable doula!)

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