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A childhood full of play and delight, unstructured, supported, guided. Imagine.

Imagine a world where the children come first in preparations,

Where family work is acknowledged and we avoid separations.

Workplaces with flexibility for ALL to care for the  children in their life, 

This way it’s not just parents, keeping kids out of strife. 



boy child childhood happiness
Planning an awesome day with a child. Is this mum? aunty? sister? friend? Has she taken time off work to help out the parents? or to simply enjoy the fleeting time that is childhood with this special boy?

Imagine a world where love is valued as integral to care,

Where the important task of loving, is teamed up to share.

We all pitch in, we sing and dance, we encourage play and laughter

This way is called community, and this is what i’m after!



adult affection baby child
Bringing all ages together. Loving care. Community. Happiness. Time to slow down. And just be.

Imagine a world, where this model of care extends toward our elders too

Where we’ve time to slow right down, with time the fat to chew,

Our dependent folk, of any age, would no longer a burden be,

This imagined world would be an awesome place – I’m sure you would agree.


The Care Factor

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