blissfully ignorant

Blissfully ignorant, responsibility free

No need for action, to notice, or see

Walk on, spend big, indulge – you deserve it!

Take it all now – no need to reserve it!

If you feel aware – you  can cognitively desist!

If you start thinking thoughts – you must resist!

Need medical help or maternity care?

The thinking’s done for you – simply lie there!

Sure your consent will be sort – just sign on the line

Or it will be assumed – either is fine

If you start thinking and try to say “NO!”

You’ll probably be threatened and told ‘where to go’

The bliss is an illusion – just like consent

Everything’s fine unless you dissent,

To Question is to standout from the crowd

And this kind of behaviour is not allowed!

You have a VOTE – a democratic right!

So why are we in this current plight?

Despairing, the thinkers retreat in defeat

What is the point when most people are sheep?

In pockets you’ll find them, thinking their thoughts

Sheltering in their safe blankety forts.

blanket fort


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