Polite Ticks

Gender stereotypes are superficial and inaccurate. We are better served by abolishing this destructive social construct and seeing individuals rather than imposing gender stereotypes. We need to start saying ‘SEX’ and acknowledging the different biological needs and impacts of males and females. … More Polite Ticks

Who’s chores?

I heard an unwell woman say “I’m grateful to [my male spouse] He does all my chores; He cooks and cleans the house!” Have a golden sticker, you are an awesome chap Doing all her chores for her; Let us stand to clap. What a modern guy you are, if in sickness only To take … More Who’s chores?

What’s in a name?

Naming a new human takes much thought and angst Making lists of ‘for’, ‘maybe’, ‘against’ Sometimes the namee will declare you were wrong And a nickname or a name change helps them to belong Our name is our virtue, or so I’ve been told We carry one with us from birth til we’re old Our … More What’s in a name?