Are All-Women Shortlists Transphobic?

I am finding this discourse very insightful. This post is just one example of many well construsted blogs exploring the issues around the question “are transwomen women?”.
The comment section of this particular post includes 3 other bloggers worth your attention if, like me, you are wanting to understand the politics.

I also encourage you to explore the purple stockings movement, which focuses on maternal feminism.

In a political climate where questioners are ostracised and dissenters are punished, it takes strength and courage to stand out. These bloggers show not only strength and courage, but love and understanding. They can see a way we can all move forward, in kindness and acceptance.

Not The News in Briefs

A controversy around the subject of trans-inclusion is currently rumbling in the Labour Party: the question of whether trans-identified males, with or without a Gender Recognition Certificate, should be able to access women-only shortlists or become Women’s Officers, or take advantage of initiatives such as the Jo Cox Women in Leadership programme to encourage women into politics. A crowdfunder has been set up to legally challenge the Labour Party’s acceptance (without consultation or debate) of trans self-ID, and there is now a counter-petition accusing all those involved of transphobia. This has been followed by what seems to be a hit-list giving details of Labour members with ‘transphobic’ Twitter accounts, and two women have already been suspended from the party based on this evidence.

What is sometimes forgotten in this argument is the reason that women-only initiatives exist in the first place. AWS and similar schemes are necessary in order to…

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