Fear for sale!


The Beast of Fear is ruling you,

And you are paying the price.

By vote, by cash or by time,

Fear owns you.


Fear is peddled by the beast,

Be it politician, obstetrician or marketer,

You are sold into submission by the fear they flash

The deal seems good…


Buy my fear and get protection

Buy my fear and I’ll give you an illusion.


If you refuse to buy, the fear stops.

Without fear we have clarity.


We are free to choose understanding and compassion.

We are autonomous.


To buy fear is to buy imprisonment.

To put yourself at the mercy of a dictator.

To give your trust to one who has no understanding of you.

Has no compassion for you.


The greater good, or sacrifice,  justifies the end.

And in the end, we have more fear.


Fear is cheap, like sugar, it destroys you from within.


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