Birth Announcement Etiquette for the Social Networker

Seems a bit of a theme today….

Beautiful Heart


Your friend announces the birth of her baby on facebook.

What follows is comments of congratulations, well done, welcome to the world…

There is no right and wrong, you say what you feel, it comes from the heart.

The accompanying picture shows it was probably a surgical birth…how do you feel?  They seem happy, and bub seems fine, so chances are the standard congrats are fine.  Bub was premmie? Same goes, follow the lead of the poster, if they seem happy, go with that, if they need support, offer what you can – even if it is just an empathetic comment of love.  And it is definitely inappropriate to ask for details beyond what has been announced…leave those for personal conversations, not the open wall of facebook.

That is common sense and straightforward; now this is me over thinking.

I have seen comments along the lines of the baby will…

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