Why you should learn about normal infant sleep behaviour

“The only way for a family to make genuinely informed decisions about how they manage the ups and downs of infant sleep is firstly fully understand what fits into the wide range of normal.” I am loving this blog!

Grubby Mummy and the Grubby Bubbies

As you will have noticed from my numerous articles centring around understanding normal infant sleep behaviour, I think it’s really important and useful information for all parents.

But why?

I have had more than a few comments pointing to the fact that understanding what is ‘normal’ doesn’t make a mother less sleep deprived and that my writing is ‘unhelpful’ and ‘upsetting’ for desperately sleep deprived parents.

I beg to differ.

If my own experience taught me anything, THE most important thing to a mother, ahead of her own wellbeing (rightly or wrongly), is knowing her baby is okay. That her baby is healthy and thriving. That her baby is behaving as they should.

The stress, anxiety and worry of a mother who fears her baby is possibly not okay is immense and in my experience tenacious, persistent and all consuming.

A mother who fears her wakeful baby will in some…

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