The Language of Birth Plans

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The following is an excerpt from THIS IS YOUR BIRTH: The Informed Woman’s Guide to Birth Preparation, available HERE

Childbirth education usually mentions ‘Active Birth’.   The idea behind this being, essentially, that the birthing woman is free to choose her position, move around if she feels the need and retains autonomy.   Whilst some refer to this as constant movement, uprightness, swaying or even dancing, the use of the word ‘active’ is more about being woman-centred.  The woman has ‘actively’ chosen her path, and is free to behave as she instinctually needs during her labour and birth.  Sometimes, this means she wants to lay down, be in a bath, or sit quietly alone.  Sometimes she wants to moan, or vocalize.  And sometimes she is restless and needs to move constantly.

It is Her Birth, Her Way.

When it comes to the birth map accompanying her chosen birth, it…

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