Fertility Flowers

Originally posted on Beautiful Heart:
The lotus flower for fertility A symbol of Hindu purity The pomegranate with seeds of red Is the Feng Shui symbol, I’ve read The celtic druids chose mistletoe and the fertile luck it could bestow The hazelnut held similar hopes And those celts were no dopes, for science shows that…

The Language of Birth Plans

Originally posted on Beautiful Heart:
The following is an excerpt from THIS IS YOUR BIRTH: The Informed Woman’s Guide to Birth Preparation, available HERE — Childbirth education usually mentions ‘Active Birth’.   The idea behind this being, essentially, that the birthing woman is free to choose her position, move around if she feels the need and retains…

The Dawn of Possibility

Dawn approaches, The darkness slips away. Only the boldest stars remain. The silhouetted trees become ever more detailed. Each minute brings more clarity. In this place between night and day, In this brief and beautiful moment, Anything is possible. catherine bell 2016