A breech in community standards

whoops….i did it again. This time the photo was of me with my newborn…so I was holding a baby, but as the baby was not breastfeeding, my nipple was offensive.

Beautiful Heart

Hello Beautiful Hearts.

Last night, for the first time, I have been found in breech of community standards on facebook.

I was locked out of my account and was threatened with shut down of my page if I did not comply with these standards.

The ‘standard’ I breeched was this:


and the image that caused the breech was this:


You see, nipples are a problem.

This is my facebook page.

It is about Informed Birth Preparation, and I also share articles about parenting.  It is a positive and supportive space.  I have NEVER experienced this kind of response.

That a nipple might be ‘culturally or age sensitive’ seems bizarre to me.  The above seems to imply that it is only female nipples that are an issue.   If a culture or age group as an issue with female nipples, this calls into question that culture or age!

Seriously.  IT IS…

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