Why Most Women “Can’t” Breastfeed

In Australia, you can seek support before you baby arrives, and this will help you to meet the three requirements mentioned in this article.

The ‘go-to’ place to gain this advantage is The Australian Breastfeeding Association. They offer breastfeeding education classes, for you and your support person, during pregnancy. This is followed up with a support network beyond birth. You can also add a breastfeeding plan to your birth map. There is a guide to this on the ABA website.

Your Natural Birth: Southampton, UK

Photo Credit: Lillian Sediles Photography | lilliansediles.comBreastfeeding versus Formula Feeding is a hot debate. Mothers feel judged, whether they choose to breastfeed or not, and we are in the midst of Mommy Wars. Mothers who breastfeed feel like society shames them for feeding in public. Mothers who formula feed feel like they are lambasted by lactivists for ‘being lazy’ or even ‘poisoning‘ their child. I’d like to shed some light on why so many mothers cannot breastfeed.

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