The Tenacious Breastfeeder

It is world breastfeeding week.

Beautiful Heart

For years I dreamt of motherhood.
Everywhere I looked, there were pregnant women and mothers.

I was an aunty. Being an Aunty is great. Until you want to be a Mother.

My heart would wrench as I watch my beautiful nieces reach up to my sister and wrap their arms around her neck.

I longed to be “Mum”. For little arms to wrap around my neck.

It got the point where I felt I was THE ONLY woman in the world without a child.

Eventually I gave up. I had been given a letter of referral to a fertility specialist. But I said dramatically to my husband, “if I can not conceive naturally, then I shall never be a mother!”. I gave up. I completely and utterly gave up.

I was resolved to my unexplained childless state. I would be the world’s best aunty.

The next month, I was pregnant.

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