Poetic Politics


What a year it has been,
‘best PM’ we’ve eva seen,
Women valued in varied roles
over things like mining coals,
And inspiring words from Joe,
would have been nice to know,
But alas, poor Aussies, that is not our lot,
For women have been left to rot,
and mines and Big Business will fly,
whilst the rest of us are left to sigh,
They focus on insignificant issues,
We are left to reach for tissues,
They took our liberties with cheer,
Filled us with misguided fear,
May 2015 see an uprising,
It really shouldn’t be surprising,
The People standing strong together,
Demanding autonomy in ANY weather,
Be it women’s rights to choose,
And our rights to refuse,
Be it fairness for the poor of our nation,
And propaganda-free education,
Demanding focus on the People,
not those who stand beneath a steeple,
or those who would mine our very soul,
just to reach their business goal,
May 2015 be full of hope and affection
And maybe an early election?


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