Do Not Disturb

Originally posted on Beautiful Heart:
A fearless mother, confident mother, will slip into The Zone. She will fee safe and supported – just leave her alone. Silently offer water, silently hold her hand. I know you are excited – but call off the marching band. A mother in Her Zone needs nothing more or less.…

Bah humbug!

They have a tea set, with mini pots and pans, spatulas…but it is the real ones they want. They have a toy tool set (a nice wooden one)…but nothing beats the real thing. They have a doll house..whatever! Stuffed toys…what are you supposed to do with these? I bought my daughter a baby doll when … More Bah humbug!

May we remember

May we remember the ones who can not stay, May we hold tight to those we love, May we shed tears together and howl out our pain May we find solace and support. May we laugh again as we hold our lost ones in our heart, May we feel Joy that we knew them, May … More May we remember

I Am Not My Child

 I am not my child, Nor is my child me. The thing that makes us different Is Personality. A person whole at birth, complete and free, The thing separate from our genes Is Personality. Respecting the Child, For just who they be, For the thing that you can not change Is Personality. (first written and posted on facebook … More I Am Not My Child