Birth Mentors and Sherpas: Keys to Success!


This is Sir Edmond Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing.  A sherpa is to climping Everest, as a birth mentor is to navigating the maternity system and preparing for birth.

Just as Sherpas are a specific group of experienced people, so are birth mentors.

As you will see in the link about sherpas, not all sherpas are the same, you need to find your ‘best fit’.  So it is with birth mentors.  And as the final statement in the links says:

“Don’t leave it all to your Sirdar (Sherpa leader): You are the expedition leader!  Only then will you get respect and your decisions will be trusted.”

So it is with birth mentors: You are the Leader.  You make your decisions and the mentor is working with you, providing information, emotional support and (if needed) birth support.

When you hire a birth mentor you are not buying a guaranteed birth.  You are hiring a guide.  In the lead up to the birth your mentor guides your planning, gives you information so you can make informed decisions and supports the decisions you make.  If you decide to ask your mentor to the birth, in a doula role, as the birth unfolds, the mentor can keep you focused and feeling safe.  Your support team will find the reassurance of a mentor invaluable, taking off the pressure to carry the burden and providing the freedom to ‘enjoy the view’ and focus on the mother.

Just as Sherpas can make a climb better, birth mentors have been shown to improve birth outcomes.

Have you got a mentor?


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