King of the Babies: Mothering in the 40’s and 50’s


This is Truby King (1 April 1858 – 10 February 1938).

There once was a Man Named King

Some his praises they sing

But the babies just cried,

The mothers were fried

And it passed as another Fad Thing.

Only….there are still some who would have you follow the Truby King ways.  This outdated method of baby care has influenced many of the ‘great’ baby training methods being peddled today.  Like the snake oil of yesteryear, these methods promise to fix problems.

The prescriptive methods did not allow flexibility for a mother to trust her instincts. When I first became a mother, my grandmother would not call at 10am.  That was bath time.  She mothered according to Truby King, as most mothers of her era did.  Dutifully attending the clinic, and doing exactly as she was told, even though it was not working for her or her baby.

She does not remember this time fondly.

In my next post, we will look back to the 60’s…and the coming of Spock.

The Plunket clock truby king  baby record 1940'sinside cover Truby King baby record 1940's


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