The Long Goodbye

In the daily grind of mothering, we are told ‘this too shall pass’ When the days are long, we are told this too shall pass… In the drudgery and groundhogness of mothering, this too shall pass. Often though we are not told, That as this passes by, it means our babies have grown. and from the nest … More The Long Goodbye

The Beast of Fear

        I stood transfixed, unable to move.  The huge beast loomed towards me.  I was powerless to stop it.  Its black form made it hard to see its features, its speed made it impossible to defend myself.  I can smell its breath as it overcomes me, its teeth and claws threatening to destroy me. … More The Beast of Fear

Birth Plans vs Birth Ideals: Knowing What You Want, With The Knowledge That Your Captain is a Newborn

Originally posted on Daughters of Eccentricity:
I love to learn new things. Anything really. Ranging from the completely superfluous skill (writing backwards and mirrored, faux tap) to something that I can utilise every day (tech stuff, mediation, faux tap). So naturally, when presented with the completely new world of pregnancy and an impending labour, I…