No, really – You DO NOT Need a Doula

step one: does your care provider match your birth philosophy?
The ‘general considerations’ section of ‘Plan Bellabirth: Informed BirthPlanning’ can take WEEKS to work through. An honest doula can help you process this, but it is important to be open about what you really want.

A doula is not a guarantee…

Doula, Anonymous.

When I first started out as a doula it was a big unknown world to me. All I knew was what I had read in books and I’d yet to apply anything to real life. I was excited and would take any client who wanted to hire me.

Eventually though, I started to see patterns with clients. I started to see red flags. I also started to not like other doulas and how they were doing business. I observed that most doulas take a very “salesman” approach to getting clients. They get a call and, no matter what the client-to-be says, it’s suddenly the doulas new philosophy too. “Whatever you want, oh yeah that sounds great, you’ll have a beautiful birth”, blah, blah, blah. They just want the client and they don’t want to do anything to rock the boat. They are content to enable women, do lots of hand…

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