Birth with Dignity

“Leave your dignity at the door” What does this mean? This was a bit of ‘sage’ advice I received when preparing for my first birth. I took it to mean, “don’t worry about being naked in front of strangers, because you are giving birth, and that is your focus…” but …. the more I learn, … More Birth with Dignity

The Informed Decision

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                          An informed decision is more than just information gathering. An informed decision = new information + old information + current circumstances. NEW INFORMATION Ideally this comes from unbiased evidence-based sources.  The information needs to be relevant to the…

Journey of a Modern Woman

A few years back,  perusing the internet, I stumbled onto ‘enzo truth’. Yikes! I was reading their page about attachment parenting, or rather their justification of babywise in the face of critics who are mostly AP advocates.  They made mention of their book for older children, which advocates spanking (in a controlled way, of course) and challenged the importance of … More Journey of a Modern Woman

Support for all Mums

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Dear World, Why do I keep harping on about Informed Birth Planning? because I am on a MISSION: To provide all women with the means to make informed decisions regarding their pregnancy care, labour, birth and parenting. This matters because the current maternity system does not encourage women to own,…