Bragging about your birth? Let’s see more of it!

Sprout and About’s wonderful Lizzie has written a brag worthy post!

Over the next couple of days you will hear more from me in this ‘field’. Semantics and taboos….coming to you this week and next week!

Sprout and About

Every now and then an article comes along that just pushes buttons. That’s what it’s designed for.  The writer knows it will push buttons. That’s why they write it – if it pushes buttons people will read it. Generally it is an article which suggests one group of women are “wrong” or that they are “making others feel bad”.  They call it the “mummy wars”, and I wonder if they would even exist without mainstream media? Probably not.

The latest article to do this (in my circles anyhow…) was one that suggested that women should not be bragging about their positive experiences.  Telling people you had a natural birth is bad. Posting photos of your positive breastfeeding journey is bad. As a colleague said I feel like I really need to provide an “antidote” to these types of articles, which is why I respond to them.  There are a few…

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