It’s my Birth and I’ll Brag if I want to!

If hearing a positive experience of someone else, you feel ‘guilt’ or attacked or belittled…this means you need to reflect on yourself.

Why does the positive, rejoicement, celebrating ways of another offend you so much?

Why is it ‘bragging’? and who are ‘you’ to decide what someone can and can’t celebrate?

Positive stories are ESSENTIAL. and a positive birth is not ‘lucky’.


Women who have positive births talk about feeling respected, involved, a part of the experience…no matter what the ‘type’ of birth, “if a woman doesn’t look like a goddess during labour, someone isn’t treating her right” (Ina May Gaskin)


Well prepared women (with an informed birth plan) are more likely to ‘brag’ about their experience.

I have a wish, a simple wish.

I wish that all women felt like bragging about their birth.

If you find yourself feeling down when you hear other’s celebrating their positive experience, you can seek a ‘debrief’ of your experience with a doula.  There are many doulas that offer this service to women, especially when they are considering a subsequent pregnancy, or are newly pregnant.  The joy of another should not leave you feeling bereaved or angry.  If you have feelings like this, direct your energy not at the joy, but at the source of your feelings.  This may be unresolved feelings of your birth, usually based on expectation and actualisation being greatly different.


(the post has been brought to you by lack of sleep and a tabloid news article, thank you to those who helped me correct my errors)


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