The Pitfalls of ‘Going With The Flow’ in Birth

I came across this a couple of years ago…and I thought “but I plan to ‘go with the flow’!”. So indignantly I read the article, and saw that the term ‘go with the flow’ did not translate the same for everyone.

To me, to go with the flow meant that I would surrender to MY body, I would welcome the sensations, and listen to my instinct, trust my ability and allow the process to unfold. In order to do this, my preparation involved understanding what to expect, and understanding what a deviation might look like. It involved ensuring my birth team were on board with my needs, were not going to ‘freak out’ or intervene. That they understood the process and were comfortable and accepting of the ‘flow’.

But this article talks of ‘the flow’ as what is happening beyond your body, and this flow means surrendering to the will of another. This is not a flow you want to embrace. There is far too much ‘luck’ involved, as this in of going with the flow usually means very little, if any, preparation occurs and a complete reliance on others.

Informed Birth Planning is a vital preparation process.

The Truth About Traumatic Birth

So many of us aim to ‘just go with the flow’ as our birthplan. But could the gentle flow of birth we envisage actually be undermined with this approach? Could ‘going with the flow’ even be detrimental to a positive start to life for your new family? explores this approach and looks at how we can improve our chances of a positive birth experience…and why it matters.

Kelly is 39 weeks pregnant with her first child – round, radiant, and ready. Her belly precedes her as she enters the café, kisses her friends hello, and lowers herself carefully onto the chair. After they joke and jostle over the menu, all eyes turn to Kelly and the question is asked. “So,” says one friend, “Are you scared about the birth?”. “Oh,” replies Kelly casually, “I’d really like a natural birth, and I don’t really want any drugs… but I’m…

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